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How to Get Comfortable on Camera

For just about everyone, the thought of being on camera makes them uncomfortable. Confident speakers freeze up if they aren’t used to being on camera.  As with most things, it’s just going to take some practice.

Practice reading your script out loud a few times to get comfortable with what you are going to say before your shoot but don’t worry too much about memorizing it. If you work with us on your next video, we have a teleprompter to help you remember your lines. Just get familiar with it so you can be natural and, not appear like you are reading.

And remember, everyone is self conscious of seeing themselves on screen. I am thinking about it right now myself. The most important thing is to breathe and be yourself. It may take a few times to get it right and that’s ok. Just focus on your message and don’t worry about looking good, we’ll take care of that for you.

Also, keep in mind that not everyone wants or needs to be on camera to deliver an effective message through video. There are other options available like hiring talent or recording voice over and using animation. We want you to get the best possible outcome for your project and if that means finding alternate solutions then that’s perfect!

Contact us to share your next idea for a video project. We would love to learn about your business and give you recommendations.

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