Behind the Scenes

Developing Content from Scratch

Developing content for Sugarbowl has been an interesting process.

We made a pact from the start that all of our blog content would incorporate video in some fashion…because that’s just what we do. It also drove us a bit nuts to read other blogs that talk about video without showcasing the medium as the message.

When you start from scratch, it’s hard to figure out how you want to get rolling. One of the first things we did as a company was to take improv classes! This helped us loosen up in front of an audience and put our minds into idea mode. It really worked. I know it’s not everyone’s first go to when starting a business but it helped us approach this content creation thing with more fluidity.

We then scheduled a test shoot. For the first one, we just improvised ideas we wanted to develop into scripts for future videos. This helped us create a language and a message we wanted to carry forward. We also tested our new equipment so we wouldn’t run into technical difficulties during client shoots.

Once we had our colors established, we decided to schedule a photoshoot. Since white and pink were the chosen colors, we decided do a test shoot wearing white shirts to contrast a pink sparkly backdrop Lauren purchased for fun. These were the first pictures we took as a team. We decided to use them as the faces for the first number of branding videos we released. We then ordered the pink tees and a white backdrop for recording all professionally branded videos.

With a little practice and a lot of improv classes, I feel and look so much more confident in front of the camera now then I did when we started. I no longer seize up or shift the pitch of my voice when the red light turns on. This means we’re onto something!

Most of the videos we’ve posted on this blog so far have been more professionally shot and edited. As content creators, we wanted to showcase videos that showed off our technical skills as well as videos that showed off our process and personalities. This videos posted to this blog were created on my iPhone as behind the scenes looks into how we are approaching our own marketing content. It’s important that we share who we are as a company and who we are as individuals simultaneously. It’s all part of our mission to remain transparent, honest and approachable to our target audience.

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